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Pan Pacific Ningbo (宁波泛太平洋大酒店)

AMA 2019 will be held in Pan Pacific Ningbo, China(宁波泛太平洋大酒店) during April 10- 13, 2019!

ADD (地址ַ): 99 Min An Dong Lu, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China 315042 (中国浙江省宁波市鄞州区民安东路 99 号)

Web (网站):

Ningbo Highlights

Tianyi Pavilion (天一阁)

Founded in 1561 during the Ming Dynasty, the Tianyi Pavilion is one of the world’s oldest private libraries. Soak in the refined ambience of the halls and refresh your senses in the beautiful gardens surrounding historical architecture. 

Dong Qian Lake (东钱湖)

The stunning beauty of Dong Qian Lake is something that all travellers must experience. The largest fresh water lake in Zhejiang Province, the Dong Qian Lake is also a hub for exciting recreational activities.

The Old Bund (老外滩)

Experience the juxtaposition of the historic and modern at the Old Bund: a quaint cobbled street filled with restaurants and cafes, and a host of bars, pubs and clubs situated along the river.

Century Oriental Plaza(世界东方广场)

This modern mall is a short distance away from Pan Pacific Ningbo and houses a supermarket, a cinema and a range of international brands including Marks and Spencer, H&M, Uniqlo, Starbucks and Sephora.





Transportation Information

2 宁波栎社国际机场有国际航线,但是比较少,通航情况如下:

Ningbo Lishe International Airport has relatively few international routes:








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