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AMA 2019 Speakers

Prof. Stephen M. Hsu (Plenary Speaker)

The George Washington University, USA 

Biography: Hsu studied boundary lubrication under Prof. Elma Klaus at Pa State University. After graduation, he joined Amoco Chemicals to develop lubricant additives. After 4 years, he joined National Institute of Standards and Technology, a US National Lab. to lead the effort of Tribochemistry, Nanotechnology, and materials science. In 2009, he joined George Washington University to lead the Energy Initiative.
His research interest includes new materials lubrication, tribochemistry, wear maps, wear prediction, and nanolubrication. Recently, he has an industrial consortium under DOE sponsorship to develop the next generation of fuel efficient lubricants and chemistries. He has published over 250 papers, books, and reports. He has received 8 US patents and currently has 4 world patents pending. He has over 5000 citation with the H index of 40 and has given over 50 Plenary Lectures and Keynote in many countries. He is a Fellow of STLE, Fellow of ASME, and has over 130 graduated students, postdocs, and visiting professors studying in his laboratory.


  • Chair Professor, Head of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management Dept., City University of Hong Kong
  • Adjunct Professor, Institute of Physical Science & Technology, University of Maryland
  • Adjunct Professor, Materials Science, University of Maryland
  • Visiting Professor and Adjunct Professor, Chemical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University
  • Esbach Visiting Fellow, Materials Science Department, Northwestern University, USA
  • Fellow of STLE
  • Fellow of ASME

    宾夕法尼亚州立大学博士,香港大学城市制造工程与工程管理系主任讲座教授,马里兰大学物理科学与技术学院兼任教授,马里兰大学材料科学系兼任教授,宾夕法尼亚州立大学化学工程客座教授兼客座教授,美国西北大学材料科学客座教授。Prof. Stephen M. Hsu的能源效率实验室和纳米材料实验室在建筑、交通和机械方面进行可再生能源和能源效率技术的研究,目前的项目包括摩擦控制表面纹理,多尺度多功能曲面设计包括疏水、疏冰,风能,自修复齿轮技术和纳米复合材料。Prof. Stephen M. Hsu的大多数项目是由工业伙伴和政府机构共同合作的。