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AMA 2019 Speakers

Prof. Marek W. Urban (Plenary Speaker)

Clemson University, USA

Biography:.Marek W. Urban is currently the J.E. Sirrine Foundation Endowed Chair and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering with a joint appointment in the Department of Chemistry at Clemson University, Clemson, SC. Before joining Clemson in 2013, Marek was a professor of polymer science at USM and NDSU where he directed the Materials Research Science and Engineering (MRSEC) as well as Industry/University Cooperative Research (I/U CRC) Centers funded by the National Science Foundation.Prof.Marek W. Urban works in the field of polymers, polymer spectroscopy, polymeric coatings and films, stimuli-responsive materials, and self-healing polymers.


  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC); United Kingdom, Cambridge (2018)
  • University Research, Scholarship, and Artistic Achievement Award (URSAAA); Clemson University (2018)
  • Chemical Pioneer Award; American Institute of Chemists; Chemical Heritage Foundation; Philadelphia, PA (2017)
  • Fellow of the American Chemical Society; Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering  (PMSE) Division (2017)
  • Fellow of the Chemical Heritage Foundation; Philadelphia (2017)
  • Faculty Scholar in School of Health Research; Clemson University, (2016)
  • Five Top World Innovations of the Year Award; Inst. Chem. Eng., Manchester, United Kingdom, (2012)
  • Distinguished Professorship Award, Shandong University, P.R.China (2009)
  • Outstanding Faculty Research Award, USM (2006)
  • Distinguished Research Award; Marquette University, Milwaukee (2004)


美国克莱姆森大学化学系教授, J.E. Sirrine 基金名誉教授,皇家化学学会会员(FRSC),美国化学学会院士, 化学遗产基金会院士,Prof.Marek W.Urban指导了国家基金会材料研究科学与工程(MRSEC)和工业/大学联合项目中心。他领导的实验团队研究了多项刺激反应性聚合物方面的发现,包括自愈膜、胶体合成和抗菌表面。其研究方向主要包括聚合物、聚合物光谱、聚合物涂层和薄膜、刺激响应材料和自愈合聚合物领域。