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AMA 2019 Speakers

Prof. Anish Tuteja(Plenary Speaker)

University of Michigan,USA

Biography: Prof. Anish Tuteja is currently an associate professor of materials science and engineering at the University of Michigan. His research is focused on using polymers to address some of the key challenges in the areas of renewable energy and environmental science. Particular areas of interest include Superoleophobic surfaces, Superhydrophobic Surfaces, Ice-Repellent Surfaces, Membranes, Polymer Nanocomposites, Thermoelectrics, Solar Cells, and Liquid-liquid Separations.

Anish Tuteja developed the first ever omniphobic/superoleophobic coatings. His work on omniphobic coatings has been referred to as “one of the five technologies that will change the world” and “one of the top breakthroughs in nanotechnology.” His Group have developed a novel technique to fabricate nano- and micro- particles of any size, shape, or chemistry. The developed particles’ shape, size, and composition can be used to engineer bio-distribution, skin or lung uptake, intra-cellular localization, and cell response.


美国密歇根大学材料科学与化学工程系副教授。Prof.Anish Tuteja 的主要研究是使用聚合物来解决可再生能源和环境科学领域的一些关键挑战,包括超疏水表面、超疏水表面、防冰表面、膜、聚合物纳米复合材料、热电、太阳能电池和液-液分离等。

Prof.Anish Tuteja发明的超疏液涂层(omniphobic/superoleophobic coatings) 被誉为“改变世界的五大技术之一”和“纳米技术的最高突破之一”。 Anish Tuteja 实验团队研究出的新型涂层不但能排斥所有液体、也非常耐用且透明,也能轻易应用于任何表面,同时这种涂层在损坏时可以自行修复数百次。

Speech Title: Designing Durable Icephobic Surfaces