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AMA 2019 Speakers

Dr.Feng Zhou (Keynote Speaker)

Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China

Keynote Lecture: Control over wetting, adhesion and lubrication

Abstract: Wetting, adhesion and friction are the three basic concepts that characterize interface interactions. Infiltration and hydration are the key factors that determine the low friction of living tissue. Therefore, surface hydration is an effective means to reduce the friction at the solid-solid interface. Based on this concept, we have developed a series of methods and techniques to prepare a series of functional biomimetic hydrophilic lubricants, which achieve the uniformity of low friction, high load-bearing and anti-wear properties of sliding interfaces, and solve traditional polymer brush/soft material. Technical problems with poor wear resistance and load bearing performance. Non-wetting and dehydration are the key factors determining the frictional resistance at the solid-liquid interface. Based on this concept, we construct a bionic super-sparse functional surface, revealing the boundary slip phenomenon on a microscopic scale, and constructing an infinite boundary on a macroscopic scale. The condition achieves high efficiency drag reduction with dynamic stability characteristics, and the drag reduction rate can reach 77%. Through the polymer synthesis and surface modification modification strategy, the bionic stick-slip function surface was constructed, and the dynamic change mechanism of surface hydration degree and interface contact behavior under medium or external field stimulation response was revealed, and wet adhesion and water lubrication were realized. The reversible transformation of the frictional state has led to the development of a series of biomimetic materials and devices with wet-slip regulation characteristics. Based on the above research results, we have developed a series of key technologies and products that were transferred to industries.

Bio: Dr. Feng Zhou is a full Professor in Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS and Deputy director of State Key Laboratory of Solid Lu brication. He gained PhD in 2004 and spent three years (2005-2008) in the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge as a research associate. He has published more than 300 journal papers that received more than 14000 citations and has the H-index 66. His research interests include the biomimic surfaces/interfaces of soft matters, drag-reduction and antibiofouling, and bioinspired tribology, functional coatings. He has gained a number of awards including the “Outstanding Youth Award” of International Society of Bionic Engineering, 2013. He serves as editorial board member of Journal Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics, Tribology International etc.

个人简介:.周峰,男,1976年生,山东郓城人,中共党员,博士生导师。1993.07高中毕业于山东郓城二中;1997.07本科毕业于山东师范大学化学系;2000.07山东师范大学获得硕士学位,师从刘福田教授;2004.04中科院兰州化学物理研究所获得博士学位,师从刘维民院士。2005年4月—2008年3月英国剑桥大学化学系做研究助理,合作导师Wilhelm TS Huck教授;2008年3月—2013年4月任中科院兰州化学物理研究所研究员。2011年1月起任中科院兰州化学物理研究所固体润滑国家重点实验室副主任。中国化学会会员、理事,甘肃省化学会秘书长,中国化学会青年工作者委员会副主任委员,中国机械工程学会摩擦学分会副理事长、润滑材料与摩擦化学专业委员会主任委员。从事软物质界面与材料、海洋防污、减阻降噪、生物润滑、边界润滑的研究。研究工作在JACS、Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.、Adv. Mater.等共发表SCI论文300多篇,共被引用10000多次、h因子60(google scholar)。在PCCP(1篇)、Chem. Soc. Rev.(2篇)、Advanced Materials & Interfaces(1篇)、Accounts of Chemical Research(1篇)等发表受邀综述文章共8篇(第一作者或通讯作者)。发表英文章节2篇,合作编著《纳米润滑材料与技术》(周峰,王晓波,刘维民,科学出版社),编著《Antifouling Surfaces and Materials:_from Land to Marine Environment》(Springer)。论文被NatureNPG Asia MaterialsChemical Technology等报道,多次被发表期刊选为热点文章。申请中国发明专利或国防专利10多件,获得授权专利16件,受邀国际国内主题报告20多次。2004年中科院院长优秀奖;2005年甘肃省科技进步一等奖(排名第六);2009年第七届甘肃省青年科技奖;2009年中国机械工程学会摩擦学分会摩擦学青年学者奖;2011年度中国化学会“青年化学奖”;2013年国际仿生工程学会“杰出青年奖”;2012年度第十六届甘肃省“青年五四”奖章。《摩擦学学报》、《化学通报》、《Journal Fiber Bioengineering and Informatics》、《Tribology International》杂志编委。2015年入选甘肃省领军人才第二层次;2011年获国家杰出青年基金;2012年入选中组部“国家特支计划”的“青年拔尖人才计划”。2014年获得甘肃省自然科学一等奖(排名第一),2015年获得国家自然科学二等奖(排名第一)。2016年,第十四届“中国青年科技奖”; 2016年,首届“中国优秀青年科技人才奖”;  2016年,英国皇家工程院杰出访问学者“Distinguished Visiting Fellowship”; 2017年,科技部中青年科技创新领军人才; 2017年,中科院第十二届杰出青年。